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Speaking and Writing


International Society for Wildlife Endocrinology, Corbett National Park, Dhikuli, India 2023


International Society for Wildlife Endocrinology, Virtual Conference 2021


International Society for Wildlife Endocrinology, Skukuza, South Africa 2019      


University of Illinois at Chicago Elmer Hadley Graduate Research Award Presenation, Chicago, IL 2019


Animal Behavior Society, Chicago, IL 2019


The Wildlife Society, Cleveland, OH 2018

Invited Seminars

Biological factors that influence the gut microbiota of ex situ black-footed ferrets. Viewing Dynamic Landscapes Through The Crystal Ball of Adaptation Symposium, 13th International Mammalogical Congress, Anchorage, AK 2023


How hormones inform management of abundant deer and endangered black-footed ferrets. Nelson Mandela University Zoology Department, Port Elizabeth, South Africa 2019


Stressing over hair: testing for the effects of body condition, demography, and urbanization on stress in white-tailed deer. Lincoln Park Zoo Conservation and Science Lecture Series, Chicago, IL  2019

Research Articles

Fowler, K.J., Potratz, E.J., Malone, M., Halloway, A., Peplinski, J., and Brown, J.S. (2024). Looking at the bid picture: A framework for identifying reverse

auctions in ecological systems. Journal of Animal Ecology, 00, 1–10.   Link to PDF here

Potratz, E.J., Holt, R.D., and Brown, J.S. 2024. Ecology of fear: acclimations and adaptations to hunting by humans. Sustainability, 16:3.     Link to PDF here 

Howell-Stephens, J*., Potratz, E.J.*, Brown, J.S., Bernier, D., and Santymire, R.M. 2023. Integrating measures of fecal glucocorticoid metabolites and giving-up densities to assess adrenocortical activity and well-being in zoo-housed three-banded armadillos (Tolypeutes matacus). Animals, 13:12.

*Co-first authors    Link to PDF here  


Potratz, E.J., Brown, J.S., Rafacz, M.L., and Santymire, R.M. 2022. Designing an assay to evaluate behavioral responses to opposite-sex conspecifics in the endangered black-footed ferret. Zoo Biology, 42:3, 397-496.  Link to PDF here  


Peplinski, J., Malone, M.A., Fowler, K.J., Potratz, E.J., Pergams, A.G., Charmoy, K.L., Rasheed, K., Avdieiev, S.S., Whelan, C.J., and Brown, J.S. 2021. Ecology of fear: spines, armor and noxious chemicals deter predators in cancer and in nature. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 9.    Link to PDF here


Potratz, E.J., Brown, J. S., Gallo, T., Anchor, C., and Santymire, R.M. 2019. Effects of demography and urbanization on stress and body condition in urban white-tailed deer. Urban Ecosystems, 22, 807-816.   Link to PDF here  

"Emily was the most helpful TA in the course. She gave students lots of feedback on coursework, posted plenty of announcements, and

shared a google doc study guide for our third test, which she did not have to do but went above and beyond for us."

2022 UIC student evaluation from microbiology


Courses taught: 

Biology of Cells and Organisms, Biology of Populations and Communities, Genetics Lab, Ecology and Evolution Lab, and Microbiology

Earned Certificate in Foundations of College Instruction 2021 through UIC and the CIRTL network.

Grants and Proposals

Acquired over $35,000 of research funding from internal and external granting sources such as Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Phoenix Zoo, American Society of Mammalogists, Wildlife Society, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

I also have experience editing and reviewing grant and research proposals

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